Here you may receive or provide mentoring by making a selection from the options to the right.

Discover more about your area of interest or contribute to the growth of other alumni or current Year 12 students through mentoring.

A guide for the Mentor:

• Provide support and guidance according to your own experience
• Be a sounding board
• Broaden the vision/horizons of the Mentee
• Provide a challenge to the person being mentored
• Be a good listener

A guide for the Mentee;

• Accept support and guidance in good faith and adapt to suit your role
• Understand the mentor is volunteering advise based on experience or formal qualifications
• Be specific, open and honest about the advice you are receiving
• Expect a broad range of advice and be proactive

Contact is advisable by telephone or email and should be done in a timely fashion on a regular basis whether weekly, monthly or every 3 months.

Both parties have the right to opt out at anytime.

All information will remain confidential. Personal information is not available to anybody accessing the John XXIII College Alumni website.

Names will not be listed on the Mentor directory.

Let us know how you get on or if you have any feedback/suggestions.

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